Group Sessions at CCW

While there are benefits to individual substance abuse counseling, some people do better in group therapy. Meeting others with similar problems can have a very therapeutic effect on a client when he or she learns that they are not alone. Listening to others talk about how they cope with their addiction and recovery can help an addicted person try other approaches. Group substance abuse counseling provides support and encouragement from others. It also holds the person suffering from substance abuse or addiction accountable by agreeing to meet the other members of the group on a regular basis, and committing to stop abusing illicit substances. In a group setting, individuals suffering from addiction learn to recognize their problem with substance abuse, how to identify what causes them to use, and how to deal with everyday stressors without using mind and mood altering substances. Additionally, they learn to recognize the triggers that can cause them to use and how to prevent a relapse, benefiting from each other’s experience. Many friendships are formed in group therapy. Our clients learn how to develop trusting, sober relationships with others. These skills and relationships are vital parts of the foundation that is needed to support a long-term recovery.

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